Custom fields on item

Now user can add custom fields on items, you can add additional information to an item to make it more specific.

Example: If an item name book is added and you need to add the type of books in that item then you can add a custom filed name Type and add specification about the book as Notebook, Accounting Book, textbook, Cookbook, etc.

Stock Taking

Stock-taking is also called as "inventory checking". It is the physical verification of the quantities and condition of items held in an inventory or warehouse. This may be done to provide an audit of existing stock. It is also the source of stock discrepancy information. 

Now Stock Taking is available in ZapERP. Please check out the below GIF to understand how it works.


Warehouse qty can be updated while importing Data

Now you have to choose two options as show in fig below :

  1. Item with respective warehouse QTY

  2. Item without warehouse QTY

The first option i.e. 'Item with respective warehouse QTY' is for adding the item with considering the warehouse. In this when you download the sample file you will find column such as 'warehouse 1' , 'warehouse 2' etc, In which you have to enter the quantity of 1st warehouse, 2nd warehouse respectively. 

Please note that the addition of quantity of all the warehouse will be updated as the total Quantity, and it will over right if any other is number is assigned to the qty field.

In the second Option i.e. 'Item without warehouse QTY' the warehouse is not being considered. You will have to just update the total quantity irrespective of the warehouse quantity. 

Post Advance Payment

Now you can post advance payment which can be used for future transactions.

When you post the payment for Invoice or Bill, you can also post advanced by entering a greater amount than the total invoice/bill amount as shown in below GIF. The remaining amount(After deduction of the Invoice/Bill total amount) is considered as Advanced Payment Amount.

Filter option is added to data table

Now you can apply a filter to the data entries which are displayed in the data table. For example in below GIF now user can filter the data table by selecting the warehouse name, SKU Id of the item. If we select a particular warehouse name or SKU Id it will only display the items which are in that warehouse or item which have the particular SKU Id respectively.

Save data table filter setting

Now you can apply filter to the data table and can also save the filter settings applied to the data table for the future use. Just apply filter to the data table and refresh the page your data table filter setting will be saved as shown n GIF below.

Line Item Notes

Now user can add small line item notes for Invoice, Bills, Sales Order, Packing Slip as shown in below image.

Bulk field update for items

New feature added: now user can update the items fields in bulk. User needs to select the field that you would like to bulk update for the selected items and add the new value and apply the update.

Please note - this process will change values immediately and there is no undo.

Barcode printing

We have developed a new functionality where you can select the type of barcode labels and then it generates the code for barcode printing of a particular product.

Klaviyo Integration

ZapERP Integration with Klaviyo, It makes it super simple to pull in data from your e-commerce platform, point-of-sale software and automated triggered email flows for welcome series, abandoned shopping carts and order follow-ups. So ZapERP and Klaviyo make the best combination for your business.

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