New Item Groups Update

ZapERP has come with a new feature of “Item Groups.” In this, you can add ‘Attributes’ and ‘Options.’ Attribute, e.g., Color, Size or Type and Options means item choices, e.g., Red, Yellow, Blue T-Shirt or Medium, Large, Small Shoe, etc."

You can see this new feature in “Inventory” under “Purchase” section.

New PDF Templates

We have added 9 new simple yet attractive PDF templates design, you can choose any of them for Invoice, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Bills PDF download just by selecting the template that you desired. Checkout some of the templates below.

Active campaign integration

ZapERP Integrates with Active Campaign. Active Campaign makes it easy to automate emails and to integrate with ZapERP makes users easy to send Updates, Broadcast emails, triggered emails, targeted emails, Scheduled emails to contacts.

Kashoo Integration

ZapERP synchronized with Kashoo. ZapERP Inventory management software integrated Kashoo software to automate accounting, invoicing and more.


Added new Debit-Note functionality, it is similar to Credit-Note. So in a debit note, you can add the items returned to the vendor and Purchase order and Bills canceled.

You can see the Debit Note in “Payments/ Returns” section.

Quotes & Sales Order Button issue solved

In Quotes & Sales Order the ‘NEW PRODUCT OR SERVICES’ button was not working while creating new quotes or sales order has been fixed. Now in Quotes and Sales Order, you can add new items, services, etc.

Add Draft status

As a user creates PO, Bill, SalesOrder, Quote, Invoice, CreditNote & DeliveryChallan and if he is not confirmed, needs to make changes, add items, taxes, etc. later then he can save them as a draft This update will be beneficial for most of the users.

Bulk Item selection

ZapERP has added an exciting feature - “Select Bulk Item.” This option can help a user to select multiple items at once in Invoice, Bills, PO, etc.

Product Image Feature

As you add different items to your store and add their images too so, now you can add multiple pictures of items-this will help to describe and view the product more easily and accurately.

Invoice Cancellation

Invoice cancellation added. Now when you cancel an invoice it can be converted to Credit Note or Refund can be made.

You can see the credit notes in credit notes section under Payments/Refunds.

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