Shopify Order Cancellation

If the order canceled in Shopify, then it will be canceled in ZapERP. Once the order cancels, a payment will auto refunded in the system. However, an actual payment which posts in Shopify will have to be manually refunded by the customer.

Improved Item ADD Screen

Now while adding items, we have increased the tabs so that user can easily locate the options as shown in below image

Automatically create purchase order

Now user can automatically create Purchase Order for the vendor if the quantity of an item is below the minimum quantity for e.g. if item A is assigned to vendor xyx & if minimum qty of item A > = current qty then that item will be auto-added in the purchase order.

User needs to assign a vendor to each item while creating items. And while the user creates a purchase order and selects the vendor, all the items associated with that vendor have added if the quantity of the item is less than the minimum quantity.

Left menu compression

Now the left menu section can be compressed as shown below

Update qty during receive or bill

Purchased quantity can be updated either during bill creation or receivable creation, e.g., if you have a one person who handles receivable part vs. accountant who handles bill part, then you can update qty during receive. This way, the person who receives the item, will verify receive qty, create receivable based on that then once done, your accounting team will create a vendor bill based on the receivable.

Shipment & Tracking

We are using a third party software called "AfterShip" for tracking purpose. AfterShip is a web-based solution for online retailers wanting to automate shipment tracking and notify their customers of their delivery status. You just need to enter the Tracking ID manually & then AfterShip give you the live status of the product.

Quickbooks Integration

Now combine your Quickbooks account with ZapERP. Quickbooks is an online GST accounting software that helps you to create and send professional GST invoices, GST reports, create professional quotations, Track sales, invoices, supplier bills, and payments.

ZapERP Inventory management software and Quickbooks accounting software will make your life easy and your business flourish.

Excel Package Update Issue Fix

Our some of the reports were not working due to recent changes in excel structure. However, this fix resolves that problem. Now reports can be exported into an excel without any issues.

Composite Items

Now new Inventory feature is available i.e. "Composite Items", Composite items are those which contains one or more that one number of different items. You can create composite items & sell them for customized rates.

Xero Integration

Xero integration with ZapERP. With Xero, you can create recurring professional invoices, Import and categorize latest banking transactions, accelerate invoicing while tracking sales and purchases. ZapERP inventory management and Xero together helps grow your business.

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